10 BEST Hack and Slash Games of All Time

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Trying to find the best definition for the hack and slash genre is much like trying to pinpoint some of the best games within it. It’s an arduous task that requires a lot of contemplation, plenty of thought, and a little bit of luck that what you’re thinking matches the majority definition. After plenty of time and deliberation, we’ve decided that there is only one true way to define a hack and slash game – it has swords and other pointy objects.

Okay, we know it’s not that simple, especially since modern hack and slash titles are generally married with other genres. The following selection of games defines the genre at their core. When you pick them up and start playing them, though they may be very different in many ways, you’ll understand what makes a great hack and slash title.

As with most of our lists, for a series of hack and slash games, only one entry was selected using an intricate system few would understand.


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