USE the iPhone 4s in 2019, 2020 & Beyond. Here's How – Optimize – iOS 9.3.5

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Stop buying Phones that go bad after a year. This one was made by the Genius behind why you like apple. This video shows you how to Optimize the iPhone4s for 2019: battery life, apps, iOS 9.3.2 and much more.

0:59 – IOS 9.3.5
1:41 – Battery / Back Glass – Replace
6:28 – Speed Up Phone
9:13 – Camera ( fix slow opening )
10:19 – You Tube How to MAKE IT WORK RIGHT
14:29 – Instagram ( Functionality after Optimization)
15:12 – NetFlix ( Tips for Use with iPhone 4s )
17:30 – Apps ( How to make all Apps work on the iPhone 4s )
20:14 – Fan Boy Talk

Not an Obsolete Phone in 2019
Not A Throw away Phone

NEVER STOPPED USING the iPhone 4S as my daily drive 2012 – 2019 …here is what i know….running IOS 9.3.5* …. My version : WORLD PHONE – GSM / CDMA – it will work on any network anywhere in the World ….I use it in both the US & UK …..SPEED … one just has to be patient… on apps… like 10 sec patient ( 512 MB RAM * 64G of storage) … DISPLAY – 1 of the best parts about the 4S .. one handed control is so easy… this size will be what smart phones eventually go back to.. pixels per inch are the exact same as new iPhone X R .. CONSTRUCTION: Beautiful – premium feel – it is sturdy… but if it does crack the screen repair is SUper cheap to fix…. CAMERA – 8 mg pix camera 1080p vid – Good photos/vids in sunlight but not much else so have good natural light .. camera app might take 45sec to come up … …Unless you google “speed up iPhone 4S” and make the changes suggested, then it will turn on in like 7 sec…. to make the camera come on even fastest slide finger from bottom to top and tap on the camera icon on the quick select options … it will turn the camera on Much Faster …BATTERY – short lived but bring a charging pack and its no big deal …If it is a big deal $7 will get you a new battery … it is very easy to replace… if you use the original expect battery @ the 35% mark to possibly cut off if you ask it to do too many things at once & it will not come on with out you plugging it in… once you plug it in… even if not connected to power it sometimes comes back on with around 25% life left…. it will drop rapidly after getting below 35% …like 10% every 3 min….. it will stay on 1% a long time if you get there & above 75% a long time…. APPS- all apps work … INSTAGRAM – although insta only likes to upload videos recorded in the app.. it will upload vids recorded from the camera app but only if its LESS than 60 sec….next for insta …their will be no sound after the 1st section recorded…. so if u take your figure off record & then start recording again you will not have sound on any of the rest of the post … FACEBOOK – works good MESSENGER works good UBER – works good SNAP CHAT – Works Good UBER EATS – works good NETFLIX – works great & with all the extra storage its easy to download Lots of movies for camping trips or road trips AUDIBLE – works great again lots of storage for lots of books… does not drain battery and will work below 20% without making the phone die … GMAIL – works good… FACETIME – works good …front facing camera is .3 MP and picture is clear but the weakest part of the phone to me…. SIRI – works good – almost exactly like new iPhones .. you can even say HEY SERI and have it activate the phone and answer Q WIFI – works great AUDIO – talk to text is great & sound recording quality on videos is very good..CHARGING yes you can do wireless charging … just shop around for the snap on cases or their is a video to make an iphone 4s capable of wireless charging without a case… might as well ad a new battery for 7$ if you do this… ..30-PIN CHARGER– Amazing… it does not bend or break or come unplugged from the phone with out a good amount of force….REPAIRS – cheap… ASSESSORS – lots of cheap assessors to do just about anything….. SIM CARD – the phone will work in the US without a sim card but has a slot for one so it can be used very easily abroad (You can get my 64G / CDMA GSM / unlocked 4S model for $40 on ebay

• you can easily go back down to ios6 but you will not be able to use the new apps.
• Don’t use you tube ap
• Charger is great does no unplug of break
• Talk to text is great
• You can change the battery EASY

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